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By varying the coil preload, instead of using different wires, we can

secure a comfortable link between the zones and a smooth and balanced sleeping surface. Compared to traditional mechanical zones.


• Longlife springs

• Excellent pressure relief

• Our top product for spine alignment

– Controlled spine alignment!

How to build the S-matic cassette in to a mattress

The S-matic is a new technology, but it’s easy to make adjustments on the surrounding materials to build a traditional bed or mattress. And these are probably the greatest strengths of the S-matic.

-Adjustable zones


We are always trying to help our customers to be the forefront in the latest technology. Right now we at Starsprings are convinced about what is the future in bedding technology. It is not about digital solutions or gadgets. It is about improved sleep, better health. It is about adjustable firmness.

Adjustable firmness will help every single user to adjust the mattress to fit the body shape and taste. It will simply improve quality of sleep which will always be one of the most important ingredients of humans well be.


Quality is so much more than just a word. This is why we at Starsprings have always strived to maintain and enhance our quality levels.

Now that our latest customer survey has been released we can see that never before have you, our customers, perceived a higher level of product quality from Starsprings.

It is with pride that we now are looking forward to improve our quality even further. So don’t think we are starting to relax. Our quality will become better still.


"My name is NilsEric Stjerna. I am the CEO of Starsprings.

Five years ago we decided to find out exactly the unsatisfied needs that people have regarding sleeping and mattresses.

We let an independent company perform market surveys in several countries.


The results from the market investigation are very clear.

If we develop products that solve the problem and have a reasonable cost and good quality, we will have a product that can be a game changer in the bedding market.

After several years of development and testing, I now welcome the S-Matic.


Now we have a product were you can adjust the level of firmness, to reach the perfect spine alignment.

Now we can give more people a better sleep.

Now we have a product that can start the mattress revolution."


Four wonderful days with meeting you, our most important friends. Four days of showing off our latest products and four days of inspiring events. Our participation at Interzum 2015 was a success in our eyes, for the first time ever we had a small show to introduce the S-matic and MySpring products. Our news was well received and we feel great to meet this autumn.

If you missed the show or if you want to watch it again we did a recording including the movies for S-matic and MySpring.

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